Frequently Asked Questions

What will be in my CSA box? Do I get to choose?

Your CSA box is filled with seasonal produce. Each week we scout the fields to identify what is in peak season and ready to harvest. Your CSA box will consist of certified organic produce grown on our farm in College Grove. Our boxes are pre-assembled and packed on the delivery trucks at our farm. With the exception of our Choice style CSA boxes, you do not choose what goes in your share but know that we strive for variety and types of crops that most people would enjoy. Spring shares are full of greens, cabbage, lettuce and onions. Summer shares move into the tomatoes, peppers, corn, melons and eggplants. Fall will finish with sweet potatoes, butternut, and winter squashes. Eating seasonally means corn is not available til July and lettuce will be out in August. But the joy of experiencing nature’s bounty is trying new veggies out or tasting your first heirloom tomato. We try to help in by providing cooking ideas or recipes in our weekly CSA emails.

What's a Choice Style CSA box?  

At two of our CSA pickup locations; Richland Park Farmers Market and the Farm store you make the selection of produce and fill your own box.  (we provide the boxes or baskets).  The choice of organic produce is still seasonal, grown on our farm, harvested and cleaned for your pickup.  Don't like collard greens?  You can opt for another type of green.  Looking for perfectly ripened tomato?  We'll have lots to choose from.  The choice style box adds flexibility to your produce selection and let's you choose the perfect produce for your needs.

Which share size should I choose; full or half?

The answer really depends on how much you cook at home or how much of a “veggie lover” you are. Our ½ bushel CSA box contains a lot of produce, typically it would fill two brown grocery bags. The full and half shares are the same size box but the full share is picked up weekly and the half share is delivered every other week. We recommend the half share for two couples with small kids and the full share for families of 3-4. Each weeks box comes with a newsletter with crop notes and recipes.

I wanted to add some strawberries to my share. Can I purchase more?

We get this question a lot because our strawberries are so good. Our shares will typically have strawberries in them for 3-4 weeks in the beginning of May. For full shares that means you will get them every week and half shares may receive them once or twice. The harvest season for strawberries is very short; 4-6 weeks typically in the spring. For our members that pick up at the farmers markets, we recommend arriving early and purchasing extra at the market. We will also offer flats of strawberries to our CSA members at a discounted rate. These items will be available as an add on item in our online store when available. Go to the "Add-Ons" section of the store and you can select from a variety of items that you can add to your box. Your credit card is charged the week that the extra items are picked up.

Can I visit the farm?

Yes, we have two open houses at the farm; one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring open house is a potluck dinner we ask members to bring their favorite dish along with recipe notes to share with all. The fall event is bonfire weenie roast with a trip to the pumpkin patch. We encourage all members to come take a walk through the fields! Specific dates for the two events will be coming in your weekly emails.

I’m going on Vacation, what should I do?

We would prefer if you found a friend or family member to pick-up the box for you. This is a great way to introduce new people to our program, and a chance for you to share some beautiful, local produce with them.

You may also log in to your account and choose not to have a box delivered for those days. This must be done by 9pm on Saturday for the following week. If you request to put a box on hold, your delivery count will not drop and you will keep that box credit in your account. Notify us via email at to reschedule your pickup to a different day or location. Any box credits not reschedule by the end of year will be forfeited.

I forgot to pick up my box during my scheduled pickup time! Can I still get it?

It is the responsibility of the CSA member to pick up their box during the designated time period. If a member is unable to do so, it is their responsibility to entitle a friend to do so (no need to contact us, but please give your friend instructions on pick-up procedures.) If a box is not picked up on the designated day, during the designated time frame, it will be donated at the discretion of the site host. Delvin Farms is not responsible for missing boxes after the designated pick-up time. Consider the pick-up times firm. In respect for the site host, we ask that members do not show up early or late.

Can I cancel my membership?

As a small farm, we rely upon our CSA members’ financial commitment for the entire 24 weeks of our program. Our commitment to our CSA members is to grow the finest, freshest, organic produce possible and to deliver a tasty assortment to their families. We do however understand that a CSA is not for everyone. If you are unhappy with the quality of produce or service in our program we will refund you for the remaining weeks.