2021 Summer Vegetable Full Share

Store 2021 Summer Vegetable Full Share
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Our Summer vegetable CSA is an overflowing box of certified organic produce grown on our farm in College Grove. The full share CSA is a weekly pickup. Expect a bounty of the summer harvest as you eat with the seasons from May to October.

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Delivery frequency
: Weekly

Our summer vegetable full Share CSA is a weekly 1/2 bushel bag of organic produce from our farm. The full share is weekly pickups from end of May through October. You will be eating seasonally as the contents of the boxes changes to what is harvested that week on the farm.

Early summer boxes will start with greens such as green kale, red kale, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, red cabbage, onion, strawberries, chard, radish, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, yellow zucchini, zephry squash. Mid season boxes will move into the tomatoes (heirloom, cherry, saladettes, slicers, romas), blackberries, watermelons (seedless, sugar babies, yellow meat) , cantaloupe, muskmelons, corn, eggplant, japanese eggplant, heirloom fingerling potatoes, irish potatoes (red, white) , okra, beans.

Later season shares will see the return of some greens like kales and lettuce with the addition of sweet potatoes, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, arugula, tatsoi, pak choi, turnips, turnip greens, collards, cauliflower, beets (some heirloom types), spinach.

Over the course of the season we strive to have over 50 varieties of vegetables in your boxes. What does one do with some of these vegetable combinations you may not be familiar? Don't worry, we send weekly emails with recipe ideas and information about what is in your CSA box that week.

CSA members also get priority in ordering "a la carte" items such as whole boxes of canning tomatoes or harvested on the farm fresh honey. Many of these items are limited in quantity and only last a few short weeks or days.

Our summer program starts the Saturday May and continues to the October th.